Saturday, September 11, 2010

Revival? Perhaps

Life in Langkawi, is no where better then just being with your friends back in KL.... Compare to what i have here... But dreams have to be achieved the hard way... So I've been thinking to blog my life in Langkawi and reviving the blog once again.... So I guess I'll be needing help for my blog again for those templates and etc... I suck at it!!!

Signing off(once again xD)
Grave †

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6 feet down

Times are up times are down... When it all comes to the bottom line when all good things have to come to an end of every beginning... And when you're at the position this is where health problems are bringing you down with cough, tiredness and headaches... And also when you are thinking of your future which is putting your life away from begging by the road sides you begin to worry and wonder if you're doing well enough... Friendship that you treasure when you were young and brought foward to this times and you wonder if they are your soulmates that will walk with you till the very end no matter what boundaries or understanding that crosses your way you will still trust each other... And when love comes in the way you question yourself "Is it a sin to love that would japadise your future or waste your time?"...

Meeting new enemies and making new friends is wether you would trust them on their first impression and also wonder what your past friends had become today...Going out late nights and taxing yourself till the limit... Wondering who has the nicer body and pumping iron all day long just to become a big chunk of meat just to be better than the others... Skipping meals just because you don't feel like eating, eating irregular hours or just to keep body in shape?

Talking about cash is whether you have more than the other OR how you invest or save or get? Spending time and cash and sacrifising every second towards someone that might have to think whether its worth it and how you impress someone or show how much him/her is meant to you...

Is this what is worth? Is this the questions and problems everyone is facing? I bet one of them is? I wanna change every statement i wrote opposite, I wish i can and i want to, just to prove whatever crap i wrote is not true towards me...

Signing off

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Revival

Alright i know its been awhile since i last blog... Nah i lied xD... Been VERY LONG since i last blogged.. Well cut the crap and lets move on with the blog's purpose....

Its was somewhere 23rd or 24th January that Euvin had his early birthday celebration ... It was at Bangsa Delicious.. Can't say who was there cause it was alot... So here is how the story goes...

First off, THE MEAL!!! Part of it actually

The people that was there during the dinner... (I was cameraman >_<) Soon later on after the dinner we went to have desert and some alcohol at Alexis, Bangsar also =)

The place can change colour xD

Chill of with some beers

After going down with weird cocktails and shots and then shifted to another table xD

Start of with crazy pictures

As i said xD

Later on it went to the main course... All January birthday's going down with the Lamborghini... AHahHA

Linda took it xD

Same goes to me

On with euvin xD

Wasn't that bad but the kick came later on... So...

Ernest - "Yi wen can i lie on you?"

There she goes burning my hair with the lighter LOL!!!

Later on the guys and I went to FTZ for dota lol.. Semangat that night lol....

On with to the next 1!!!!
WENT BACK HOME TOWN!!! Nothing much ever since until 31st January when i am back and i went to damansara at someone's house to gamble and meet up with my friends which i haven't seen for a week

Meet up with steven and he got me this

It has 3 different type of ciggs inside of it...
According to it, this is STRONG

This is MEDIUM

This is LIGHT

Or next day .. Go yao rong's house gamble, and eat and etc... Then later went to steven's house gamble.. Without bragging about it, my model at Yao Rong's house was rm200... I walk home with rm200... Model at steven's house was rm100 and i walk home with rm100... DAMN WHAT THE HELL RIGHT? Spend like 10 hours gambling and i go home with no win no lose HAHAHAHA....

NEXT DAY!!! It was just a normal day, decide to go cut my hair.. According to muh sis... "OPERATION MAKE OVER!"... LoL start of with the hair cut... At this place Infinity,
They cut they blow... So this is me promoting xD... Quite good.. Just that i don't look normal without wax on the hair :S:S..

And as i was cutting my hair Steven and Kaori left me there=(... So they went look see look see... And later on when i meet up with them it went like this...Steven & Kaori : We bought you something for your belated birthday, something you've always wanted. (birthday was 30th January. *hint: i still take more belated gifts hahaha*)
Me : Oh thanks... What is it?
Me : OH WOW! Thanks, eh how much is it?
Kaori : *blurly said* 38bucks
Me : Woah not bad huh, quite cheap for it to be like this?
Kaori : EH ITS RM238 AND YOU SAY CHEAP!?!?!?!?
Me : How i know i see club 21 plastic bag i thought don't know what shop, i didn't expect it to be the original Armani Exchange.
Steven : Club 21 is a joint company with all the Armani's and others.
Me : Oh -_-

Now i learned my lesson!!!.. Thanks Steven and Kaori!! xD..

Oh well other than that, i pampered myself with some attire as well...
Green and red shirts from topshop... They're actually damn bright, just that my phone SUCKS...

A PLAYBOY RING!!! Muahahahaha...

Unfortunately when i tried on the belt it was size 38!!! Come on i am size 28!! BIG DIFF...

Which is 2nd of feb! Its a monday... I skipped school >_<... Went to pyramid to have lunch with steven and kaori at Sakae Sushi, Pyramid... All of us had stomach ache lol!!!! LAter on went to the alter shop at pyramid which only cost 24bucks for cut, sew and punch hold.. SO PPL!!! Alter your leather equipment at Sunway.. Its worth paying... While waiting we went to have a little sisha somewhere at the marakesh role at LG...Its pretty good and worth paying for rm27.50 with the hospitality and environment there... SO GO THERE FOR SISHA LOVERS... HAhaha Good promoter xD... *self praise*
Later on i went to get my belt and then off we go to steven's place... for SWIMMING!! xD Splash splash..
The 3 of us...

KAORI IS CARRYING STEVEN WHEN STEVEN complains about carrying Kaori's 43kg ass!! LOL!!!

See the stupid fella, tries to fly...

By stepping me -_-"

After the swimming sessions, we went up to the apartment and then we had domino's for dinner, Yuen Siang, John, and Ken came over... So there we go with a poker session... LoL.. Funny poker session this night... Ends at 12am and send me walking home with rm120 of winnings and Yuen Siang with rm220 of lost.. Bwahahaha....

Alright sorry for the long post... HAahah Been updating it so much and took damn long for it... Well its 2.48 am , time for me to be checking out as i got to attend class in the next 4 hours... Damn!! Sighs... Oh well, good night and happy chinese new year!!!!...

Signing off

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Come Back

Alright ppl Ernie is writing a whole lum sum of post for the blog and will be uploaded soon =)... So stay tune!!

Signing off

Monday, November 3, 2008


Ok since it got nothing to do.. Well lets hear it for last Friday's Halloween... OH well the plan was to go there and win the halloween dressing competition and as soon as we arrive there, we saw so many potential winners.. We was like WTF!?!?!?!? We're so going down... Lets start rolling the cameras with a lil picturesMos entrance that night

Being Hugh Hefner

I'm gonna open PlayBoy Mansion Malaysia soon

Me and shinz

Bunnies ready to do the car wash... xD LoL!

Oh well it was a lil drinking session lots of stoning and some chatting... Meeting new ppl.. Chicks sight seeing...

Later on found out that Shin Yee was drunk and out so she was missing.. Went back inside the dance floor to get her and send her back home incase anything happen.. WHAT A GOOD NIGHT for us to land up with the police.. So not fun! Everything was settled until they wanted shin yee's real IC.. Then we said she's asleep and fever... So we was quite clear till she POPS UP AND SAID "Saya tak bawah IC ORIGINAL ke CLUB"...

I was like "WTF, must you open your mouth?".. Got in to pretty much trouble and later on luckily when we went to her house to get the real IC and the police couldn't wait any longer.. So they just left before we could get the IC.. Thank Goodness... Well the night ends with a good night sleep and a summary for the rest of my days that i haven't been posting is because i have been busy dota dota dota dota.. yeah i know.. The same old me last time.. But i won't repeat it.. I will not commit to dota!!!

Signing off